Fiapp is in possession of the Quality System certification ISO 9001 and operates in respect of production and managerial policies imposed through internal procedures to optimize the management system with regard to jobs and orders, suppliers and training of employees.

The possession and maintenance of certification over the years show the commitment and professionalism with which aspires to a Fiapp continuous improvement of business performance over time providing an orientation greater than all functions towards the end result and greater attention to the customer. Quality certification for Fiapp is therefore a strategic tool able to improve the image and credibility of the company.

Fiapp may actually be spokesman for the concept of "Made in Italy", significant symbol of guarantee and quality, attention to detail and originality of creations.

The production takes place entirely in Italy in respect of the best artisan tradition and in constant search for new materials and cutting-edge technological solutions to create environments where modernity, tradition and fashion blend enhancing harmony and character lines.

The elegance and exclusivity of the design, the refined taste and at the same time modern design solutions together with the use of high quality materials and guaranteed, the craftsmanship of the finishes, the attention to the environment with the use of water-based coatings and ecological glues, make Fiapp a recognized and undisputed ambassador of Made in Italy in the world.