The Fiapp production ranges in different sectors of the furniture thus modulation of the styles and materials used is extremely variable; using melamine and laminates like veneers and solid Woods; a special note about Corian in Corian manufacturing Fiapp is specialized for the past 15 years and polishing is still done manually, by enhancing the value most. The Fiapp furnishings are complemented by accessories such as mirrors, plexiglass elements, stainless steel accessoire, brass and marble.

The machines in the production Department of the company are to last generation numerical control: drilling center with electronic control, manual and automatic panel sizing beam saw, edgebander, press, sander, saw, column drilling, boring, tupie, sander planer, bandsaw, mortiser, everything you need to not have processings limits. There is also a painting plant with suction cabin and all are equipped with benches and equipped tabletop equipment that allow to perform manual finishes by highly specialized personnel.

Customization and the ability to produce furniture for different needs and different styles is possible thanks to the high level of expertise and experience of its staff and of his workers that for the most part, within the group, for many years.

The presence of teams of highly experienced fitters and intra-company capabilities allow Fiapp can follow the entire process up to the installation of fittings allowing sensitive and well-kept finishes, giving also a fast after-sales service and serious but more constant over time, an important added value.