Fiapp proposal includes luxury furniture, not only for coiffeur salons and wellness centers, but also for boutiques and high fashion stores, for office, bar and restaurant of the highest standard: high quality products, designed ad hoc by its owns design team , to best meet the requirements of the Customer. Fiapp offers everything needed to furnish and set up exclusive retail outlets, shopping malls, ateliers, cafes, hotels and food & drinks spaces: in addition to furniture, the proposal includes accessories, decorative and design items to make even more glamorous and welcoming the space. Customized spaces are designed to enhance the prestige of the customer, even through the wise use of colors and lighting, with the gol of creating unique and impeccable public and working places.


Furniture for boutiques and high fashion stores, designed by the best interior designers and equipped with everything you need: fine finishes, luxury accessories, integrated technology. Unique pieces for a fashionable and elegant style, to give a personal and modern touch to any space, through space optimization, wise study of light and color matching.


Modern luxury furnishings for different shops: from jewelers to home accessories, from electronics to footwear. Furniture and accessories developed on the basis of customers’ requests and needs, finished
carefully and fully realized in Italy, a joint expression of excellent quality and design.


Design of office furniture complete with installation and technical assistance: functional, comfortable and stylish working spaces that give prestige to the company image: waiting rooms and meeting rooms, reception areas, tables and chairs, workstations and services, developed on the basis of the directives and the needs of the Client.

Bars and restaurants

Furnitureand bar counters and restaurants, all details made with care: all the pieces are designed to allow maximum well-being during work, in compliance with the provisions of the law. Chilled and non-countertops, coffee tables, chairs, reception desks, wardrobes, but also lamps, mirrors and carpets: extra luxury products for a magical and engaging atmosphere.

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