Fiapp manufactures and installs furniture and counters for bars and restaurants: recently, its range has also extended to high-target gastronomy, with the production of furniture and accessories for cafes, dining rooms and luxury hotels. The Fiapp proposal includes counters of various sizes and types, chairs and tables, sofas and armchairs, furniture for work area and the reception area, customized displays, lamps and much more: all that is needed for  high quality and design bars and restaurants, with excellent quality products, technologically advanced and well finishes. Fiapp produces furnishings for every space: from work areas, food preparation and sale areas to public areas like tasting halls, buffets, treating with great passion, dedication and competence every single element.

Fiapp’s restaurant and bar furniture is the result of the intense creative work of an entire team of experienced and qualified figures (architects and interior designers, as well as professional craftsmen, technical operators and lighting engineers), capable to develop original and evocative ideas that faithfully reflect the spirit and characteristics of the buyer’s business. Thanks to his team’s talents, Fiapp has worked with world-famous gourmet chains, realizing decoration in Italy and Europe and installed a lot of cafés and lounge bars, high class restaurants and dining rooms for prestigious hotels.

Fiapp creations are appreciated for the uniqueness of the quality of the materials used, of strictly Italian origin and traited on the national territory, but also for the sophisticated and elegant style, able to wisely combine the art and craft tradition of our country with a constant technological research and always innovative design. Fiapp‘s counters and furnishings for bars and restaurants can, in fact, integrate the latest generation of equipments (such as those used for refrigeration, storage, cooking and food processing), creating perfect harmony with the rest of furniture and accessories. Even technically, Fiapp‘s furnishings are made by craftsmanship and manual workmanship and high-precision tools: the result is a collection rich in history and charm, declinable in various versions depending on the characteristics of the spaces and of the Client’s needs, through the choice and combination of colors, materials, finishes, fabrics and decorations.

For the design of top-class bars and restaurants, Fiapp offers design items custom made, to be placed inside the dining room or other areas of tha space to give a luxurious touch to every corner: Fiapp is at the fullest extent of its customers to suggest solutions for innovative and functional furnishings, and to shape the dreams of each of them.

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