Fiapp manufactures top-of-the-range furnishings and office furniture, providing everything needed to set up comfortable, elegant workplaces, and above all, equipped with the latest technology that gives shine and prestige to the customer’s business name. The Fiapp office proposal includes classical or contemporary items: high-quality wood desk, leather upholstered armchairs, sofas, chairs, tables and workbenches, wardrobes, storage cabinets, and more a lot of items for waiting rooms and meeting rooms. The offices created by Fiapp are complete with every element and are the top of quality and design: it is no accident that today’s furniture and accessories created by the brand are installed and used in international banks, real estate agencies and other exclusive companies around the world.

Fiapp‘s office furniture are unique and original and fit perfectly to the customer’s image, reflecting at the best its spirit and essence: luxury items made of finest materials and finishes, elegant and sophisticated taste, customizable in every aspect, depending on the requirements and needs of the Customer. Fiapp is able to develop a complete concept in order to furnish every room in a coherent and refined way: the goal is to make the workplace luxurious and welcoming, through original proposals, tailor-made to increase the level of comfort of the operators and the visitors.
Fiapp has always integrated the use of modern technologies into a classic and timeless taste, such as in meeting rooms, considered a strategic business place where all participants feel comfortable and working without stress. In this sense, Fiapp offers large and spacious tables with extra luxury chairs and armchairs, as well as audio and video equipment, to allow public reproduction of movies, pictures and other contents.

The waiting room plays an equally important role: it is here that visitors makes experience for the first time of the atmosphere in the company: that is why every element needs to be cared with extreme attention through the use of fine materials, such as wood, lacquers or marble, handcrafted to fabrics and decorative objects of great prestige. Fiapp creates original and customized spaces, thinking each individual products, based on the characteristics of the spaces and customer’s needs: the result is a harmonious and relaxing workplace, within which both the public and the operators can spend time pleasantly.

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