TAF 465 Men’s Work Station: Innovation and Style for Hairdressers

TAF 465

Men’s workstation for hairdresser complete with retractable fiberglass wash unit, towel holder, compartment for waste bin, drawers for accessories. Wall mirror and display in natural black iron.


  • Produced in our factory in Italy
  • CE certified materials
  • Certified Made in Italy accessories

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    Piano di lavoro in laminato (spess. 4 cm) o in acciaio inox (spess. 3 mm), poggiapiedi art. 47 in acciaio inox satinato, mobile di servizio in bilaminato (prof. 20 cm) con mensole e portaphon, portaphon girevole sottopiano, presa elettrica


    Largh. 75, prof. 5/24, alt. 230 cm

    Altre versioni

    345D: doppia con 2 specchiere
    345B: specchiera con 8 lampade
    245BD: 2 specchiere con 16 lampade