About Us

The company today

Fiapp was born in 1976 in Bergamo as a company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of furniture for coiffeur salons, SPAs and beauty institutes.

Over the years, the company is expanding its range of activities, thanks to its expertise and passion, as well as numerous collaborations with the best cosmetic industries and cosmetic experts and specialized architects in the sector. Soon, Fiapp becomes a real point of reference in custom-made furniture, not just for hairdressing salons, beauty centers, but also for offices, boutiques, Food & Drink and private homes. Nowadays the Fiapp proposal is richer and varied, with unique and original solutions for private, public and commercial spaces of the highest standard.

Company plus

Fiapp a successful Italian company over the years: the brand has been able to retain the country’s best artistic, cultural and artisan traditions, then reinvent it, personalize it and combine it with a constant search for innovative materials and lines and a strong focus on modern technology and the environment.

Thanks to this, the company has succeeded in establishing itself in the world, enriching its business with excellent collaborations, both with top-level architects and interior designers, and with some of the most exclusive brands in the sector of fashion and beauty. Fiapp offers unique solutions, developed ad hoc according to the needs of the customer, which is followed and assisted during all phases of the work and also after the delivery and installation of the furnishings.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification: Fiapp has been ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified since 2005; business and manufacturing, Customer relations, Suppliers, and Stakeholders are governed by management procedures, an unequivocal index of the company’s professionalism and seriousness.

Fiapp is one of the most representative companies in Made in Italy, thanks to its products, strictly realized on national territory with great attention to the quality of materials and finishes, as well as design and style, and reflects the richest artistic and cultural tradition of Italy.

Fiapp uses ecological materials, significantly reducing the impact on the environment and at the same time promoting energy and fuel savings. The company also has a Corporate Ethic Code.